Overhead Power

We specialize in a full range of capabilities and have many years of experience performing distribution and energized work. Our services include long term maintenance, cable work, high-voltage splicing and terminations, new line and service construction, and pole setting and removal.  

Low Voltage & Streetlight

We provide low voltage heavy up service & repair along with manhole conduit work.

Our streetlight services include; Bulb replacement, upgrades, and new streetlight installations.

Underground & Directional Drilling

By using advanced directional drilling techniques we can install underground lines with great precision while avoiding existing underground utilities. Along with directional drilling our capabilities include a variety of open trenching options using mini-excavators, backhoes, and trenchers.   

Pole Setting and Removal

We can provide pole setting and remove for a variety of pole sizes and applications. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs.